VPX Meltdown® Liquid Caps 72ct


VPX Meltdown® Supports:

  • Metabolism and Burns Extra Calories
  • Fast-Absorbing Liquid Capsules
  • Helps manage appetite while delivering focused, intense energy

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VPX Meltdown®

VPX Meltdown®   is the most powerful Fat Incinerator on the market today.  Meltdown® is a fast-acting metabolism supercharger that stimulates both the mind and body. MELTDOWN® fuels fat metabolism while delivering invigorating energy that you can feel for focus, and mental clarity. Meltdown® burns fat thru multiple metabolic pathways with a unique delivery system that supports increased metabolism, appetite control, and increased energy. This revolutionary formula contains a star-studded ingredient profile designed to stimulate your central nervous system.  In simpler terms, Meltdown® Fat Incinerator activates fat burning mechanisms by increasing one of the body’s key fat burning hormones called Norepinephrine (NE).  This simultaneously increases fat burning while blocking fat storage. Get ready to become a lean, mean, fat burning machine with VPX MELTDOWN®.

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