Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS

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Return Policy Terms & Conditions

  • Our return policy only applies to products purchased directly from our website.
  • If purchased from a third-party vendor, please refer to their return and exchange policy.
  • Items to be returned must be postmarked and sent back within 30 days of receipt. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any product received after 30 days.
  • Your product must be in its original, unused and unopened condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect.
  • Credit will only be applied to the original credit card account used for purchase.
  • You are responsible for return/exchange shipping costs.
  • If our warehouse is unable to accept your return, the merchandise will be returned to you without credit.
  • Most credits are applied within five (5) business days of receipt of the item, allowing for processing and inspection time.
  • Please email [email protected] to initiate a request for a refund.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your account has been credited.

Steps to Returning or Exchanging Your Purchase
We strive to make returns and exchanges as quick and easy as possible for you. If you purchased a product or apparel through, please refer to the following guidelines.

  • To return/exchange items, contact [email protected] with your name, order number, and reason for your return/exchange.
  • Download and completely fill out our Returns and Exchanges Form, and include this information in your package.
  • Please allow us 1-3 business days to process your return/exchange.
  • Once your returned items are received, your new order will ship out within 2-3 days of our receipt (this applies only to items in stock).
  • What to include in your package:
    • Return and Exchange Form
    • A letter informing us of the reason for your return
    • The original receipt and/or proof of purchase

Shipping Information

  • Most shipping for domestic orders is via FedEx. You may select between Ground, 2-day, 3-day (some areas), and Next Day Air. VPX Sports only utilizes the U.S. Postal Service for Military orders. A per-item shipping fee is quoted based on the weight of your order. International and Canadian orders are not permitted. We ship most orders within three (3) business days after the order has been placed. Orders are shipped Monday – Friday only.
  • NOTE: We do not ship to P.O. boxes.

Payment Policy

  • The accepted methods of payment are credit card (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal. Your credit card will be charged when you place your order. If we are not able to fulfill your order for any reason, your credit card will be refunded.

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Bang® RTD contains 300 mg of caffeine per can

Redline® XTREME contains 316 mg of caffeine per container

VPX SRO™ Whey Protein Isolate does contain milk protein. VPX SRO™ Whey Protein Isolate is lactose free and is generally safe for those who are lactose intolerant.

What is Super Creatine found in BANG® RTD and Bang Master Blaster®?

As many people are aware, creatine is not stable in liquids.  VPX Sports® have created novel a creatine compounds that allow creatine to maintain its structure over time in a beverage. This patent-pending novel water stable covalently bonded creatine/leucine peptide. BANG ® is the only carbonated beverage that contains this proprietary technology to deliver creatine along with other health nutrients into the body.

About 45 minutes after I take NO–Shotgun during my workout I notice my blood sugar drops. Does NO Shotgun have any insulin replicating compounds? Is this a problem and how do I avoid it?

Working out will naturally lower blood glucose (sugar). Furthermore, NO Shotgun has amino acids and other compounds that do promote an insulin spike. To avoid a drop in blood sugar, consume NO–Shotgun closer to your workout; for instance, 10–15 minutes pre–workout is a more effective strategy for person’s like yourself who metabolize these compounds at a faster rate. This potent NO–Shotgun insulinogenic effect is what has a profound effect on building muscle. Insulin is more powerful than both testosterone and GH (growth hormone) in building muscle! You may also want to sip a carb–based drink halfway through your workout to keep your blood sugar stable.

Are there any university studies on VPX products? Where do I get info on studies on the VPX product line?

Yes!!! You can also search our ingredients and supportive science by logging on to which is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.VPX delivered on its promise by funding over 22 landmark studies at the top universities in the country including, UCLA, Florida State, Baylor, University of Southern Maine and Memphis Universities et al. VPX continues to update and release new nutrition products, proudly maintaining its distinction as the “Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition.”VPX has product-specific studies on 6 Meltdown Studies, Redline Xtreme, Redline Princess, Zero Carb Protein, Protein Rush, NO-Shotgun, two NO-Shotgun/NO-Synthesize Stack Studies and is in the process of conducting a bleeding edge study with Division I collegiate athletes that will be released in the coming months! No company has a dedication and commitment to science like VPX! A test of Meltdown Fat Assault RTD drink performed at the College of New Jersey, Ewing, N.J., showed a 14 percent increase in metabolism for more than three hours per 4-ounce serving. A College of New Jersey study found that 4-ounces of Redline Xtreme provided a 7.5 percent improvement in reaction time, 13 percent increase in energy and 15 percent increase in focus.Our Pre-Workout SHOTGUN 5X research found that subject’s experienced a mind-blowing 148.65% increase in muscle DNA and up to a 5-fold increase in muscle gene proteins! The mind-blowing message here is that we created products that actually induce nutria-genomics which means positively altering muscle genes through supplementation! We are on fire right now and I personally 2017 will bring you innovations that will rock your fragile world!”

I’ve heard all this buzz about Shotgun® and Bang Master Blaster® for men but my question is can women take them?

Shotgun® and Bang Master Blaster® are two of the most hardcore pre–workout drinks available today. Not only can men take it but so can women. All the Bang models Bang Master Blaster® and look how great they look.  However, we recommend that women start off with just ½ a scoop for the first serving and assess their tolerance thereafter.