Uplifting Message from CEO, Jack Owoc

Uplifting Message from CEO, Jack Owoc


We are ecstatic to celebrate a renaissance and rebirth along with countless record-breaking achievements in our 25th year in business. It is important to recognize the magnitude of this blessing considering statistics show that only 4 out of 100 businesses survive after just 10 years. Not only have we survived for 25 years, we are thriving and experiencing the most successful year in the history of VPX/Bang!

As you have experienced firsthand, our growth and success present many challenges. Conquering these challenges requires a great deal of learning, effort, discipline and change that demand that all of us to do things differently! Pay attention because there is a huge difference between doing things better and doing things differently.

If a company’s procedures, processes and systems suck and they achieve their goal of doing things better, then they’ll just be suckier. They can now run through the streets loudly rejoicing. “We used to suck and now we suck on steroids!”

Therefore, we are currently engaging in a massive disciplined effort to do things differently! Growth demands change, effort and discipline. Growth does not come without pain. However, the beauty and rewards are that effort and discipline result in freedom and unparalleled innovation.

Losers quit because they never discipline themselves to change and do things differently. They focus on the pain of change rather that the freedom, rewards, growth, satisfaction, creativity and innovation that result from effort and discipline.

Therefore, I want to personally thank all of the Level 10 winners who have worked diligently to implement SAP and all of the other monumental changes that have transformed our world-renowned company!

Because of YOU and all past employees and others who have contributed to our success, we have beat all of the major beverage brands in America! You heard correct – not only did we beat the other multi-billion-dollar energy drinks: Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar, we also beat iconic brands like Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Zephyrhills, Gatorade etc. And, my friends, we are not just #1. Bang is doubling and even quadrupling these other beverage brands in new growth.

Never forget – If you ain’t Banging, you ain’t hanging!        

Thank you for our world-rocking success. Let this energize you as you remind your fellow employee right now – “Give it your best – the world is watching you!”

Thank you, Heavenly Father God for keeping your promise to bless us beyond our wildest imagination. We are sincerely thankful for your unearned favor and love.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Jack Owoc, CEO