How to Win Bang Energy Instagram Contests

Although you’re all winners in our eyes, use these tips to win the big money Bang Energy contests.

Here at VPX HQ, we’re always running fun contests that everyone can participate in, constantly engaging with our customers in as many ways as possible. We’ve received many questions in our inboxes as to what we look for while choosing a winner for our contests, and it’s not based on follower count or how many likes you’ve received on your posts. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when entering to win a Bang Energy contest that’ll get you on the right side of winning!

Read the Rules Carefully

If we’ve posted specific rules on what we’re looking for in our Instagram contests, please follow them! Pay attention to:

– The start date
– The end date
– The required video length or number of posts to be eligible
– The type of music permitted (we usually do not condone copy-written music in our video contests, unless specified)

How to Stand Out

We want your content to be visually pleasing! The following is how you can be seen above the rest in Instagram contests:

– Post your videos or photos in square or portrait on Instagram, not horizontally.
– Use bright, eye-catching colors
– Do not use the Instagram pre-set filters
– Select an appropriate cover photo; i.e., a can of Bang Energy
– Wear Bang Energy branded clothing

How to Get Our Gear

Bang Energy is available at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, other health and nutrition stores, as well as many different convenience stores.  You can always purchase our products directly from our website.

As of right now, our apparel is sold online only.

If you’d like to receive samples of our products before they’re released to the public, you can sign up here to become part of the Bang Revolution! Members of Bang Revolution also have the chance to receive free Bang Energy swag.

We’re always giving out products and swag at all of the trade shows and expos we attend. Check out the dates on our calendar for our Bang Revolution World Tour here so you can join us at our next show! You can use all of the above to your advantage when entering our Instagram contests.

Now that you know some of our little secrets, here’s a big GOOD LUCK to those who enter our Bang Energy Instagram contests now and in the future!

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