Common Bulking Mistakes

You bulking, bro?



We know your plan this past winter was to gain mass and still look good, but is there a reason you’re falling short of your goals? One can only presume you’re doing it all wrong. Below are some of the most common bulking mistakes bodybuilders happen to make during the off-season. Recognize what you’re doing wrong, stop interfering with your gains, and get it right, get it tight!


Mistake 1: Not Eating Enough

Believe it or not, it’s possible to not eat enough. Food is just as important, if not more important, than your time in the gym when you’re bulking. You might not be consuming enough nutrients to gain mass. Without the energy and the fuel, it’s impossible to make the improvements you wish to make.


Mistake 2: Eating Too Much

Bulking doesn’t mean you’re free to eat all the foods like ice cream, pizza, candy, chips, etc. This is by far one of the biggest bulking mistakes you could make when it comes to this kind of dieting and training. A plan that’s full of junk foods will result in very little muscle gain, and a lot of fat storage in the long run.


Mistake 3: Neglecting Cardio

If you’re thinking you’re going to skip cardio because you don’t want to lose any size, you’re taking the wrong approach. While you shouldn’t be doing too much cardio, it’s a very important staple in the bulking process. Cardio not only benefits your circulatory system, but also helps you work up an appetite. This way, you can reach your caloric intake goal, which in turn, allows you to bulk more easily.


Mistake 4: Not Giving Yourself Enough Rest

To gain mass, you have to do more than just eat and exercise. Growing not only happens in the kitchen and at the gym, but also on the couch! Rest allows for your body to recover and refresh for the next time you’re ready to crush the gym. A lack of rest can also make you crave the wrong types of food, and even to overeat.


Mistake 5: Paying Too Much Attention to the Scale

Another one of the most common bulking mistakes is trying too hard to raise the number on the scale. A healthy body cannot continuously add pounds day after day – this process takes more time than just a few days. If the number on the scale is increasing fast, chances are you’re putting on too much body fat instead of achieving your ultimate goal to gain mass.


You cannot gain muscle without gaining some fat in the process; however, the amount of fat you gain can be monitored and controlled if you make it a habit to avoid these bulking mistakes.


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