Zoë Klopfer

What is your name?
Zoë Klopfer

Where are you from (your hometown)?
Redlands, CA

What is your Instagram handle?

When did you start being an Elite Influencer for VPX Sports?
I’ve been with VPX since the Summer of 2015. I became an Elite member of the team in December 2016.

What is your favorite flavor of Bang Energy?
I’m literally obsessed with Lemon Drop! I drink Lemon Drop on the regular. Since the new flavors have been released, I’m in love with Citrus Twist and Piña Colada.

What is your all-time favorite workout to do (at the gym, or at home)?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m obsessed with shoulder or back day, but other times I love hitting a good leg session!

What VPX product do you like to consume as a pre-workout?
I would have to say Bang Energy is my most consumed pre-workout. I’m always on the go, so I always have a can of Bang in my car! Other times I’ll take Redline Black Diamond because I love the focus and pump I get from it.

What VPX product do you like to consume post-workout?
VPX Sports Protein Rush in Strawberry Blast! It tastes just like a pink milkshake, except with all kinds of protein #Gainz.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
Before I got into fitness, I was studying to be a zoologist to work in a zoo! I ended up changing my major and graduating with a degree in psychology. I still love animals, but fitness is my passion!

List 3 of your favorite VPX products.

  1. Bang Energy Lemon Drop.
  2. VPX Sports Protein Rush in Strawberry Blast
  3. Redline Black Diamond in SourHeads

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am a fitness model, college graduate with BA in psychology, a fitness YouTuber, and positivity advocate!