Luciana Del Mar

What is your name?
Luciana Del Mar

Where are you from (your hometown)?
I’m from Lima, Peru, but I currently live in California

What is your Instagram handle?

When did you start being an Elite Influencer for VPX Sports?
I became an Elite influencer for VPX in March 2017

What is your favorite flavor of Bang Energy?
Cotton Candy & Peach Mango

What is your all-time favorite workout to do (at the gym, or at home)?
Deadlifts & shoulder presses

What VPX product do you like to consume as a pre-workout?
Bang Master Blaster & Redline RTD

What VPX product do you like to consume post-workout?
Zero Carb SRO protein powder!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
 I used to eat guinea pig in my country lol

List 3 of your favorite VPX products.

  1. VPX Sports Cookie n Cream protein bars
  2. VPX Sports Zero Carb SRO protein in Strawberry