Leanna Bartlett

What is your name?
Leanna Bartlett

Where are you from (your hometown)?
I’m from Ukraine, Kherson, but I currently live in California.

What is your Instagram handle?

When did you start being an Elite Influencer for VPX Sports?
Since January 2017

What is your favorite flavor of Bang Energy?
I love Cotton Candy

What is your all-time favorite workout to do (at the gym, or at home)?
I prefer to workout at my gym, or just go hiking around Laguna Beach.

What VPX product do you like to consume as a pre-workout?
Chocolate Master Blaster!

What VPX product do you like to consume post-workout?
I love the Chocolate Dream Protein Rush

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
Recently, I’ve been obsessed with hot yoga!

List 3 of your favorite VPX products.

  1. Bang Energy Pina Colada
  2. Legendary Pumpkin Supreme Zero Impact bar
  3. Protein Rush in Strawberry Blast