Bangin’ New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Use some of these trendy ideas for your New Year’s Eve party this year!



What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words New Year’s Eve Party? Champagne, of course! And lots of it. We have some great news for you: there are many trendy games and ideas out there to help get your NYE party poppin’.


If you want to go for a champagne theme, go all out. “Prosecco Pong” is a new trend, and everyone is loving it. Get your party goers mingling and tipsy, all while sticking to your theme. Find it in stores and online.


Believe it or not, champagne decorations are not hard to come by! You can find balloons at Party City and even on Amazon. Party City sells a Champagne Bottle Balloon Kit that comes with an array of white, gold, and silver balloons. The best part about this is: you get a majority of your decorations in one kit at a price that won’t break the bank. Put that extra cash towards something even better, like more champagne!


Your New Year’s Eve Party will be off to a great start if you follow these instructions, but we have one more idea to keep the party going. Whether your guests are the designated drivers or are in need of a little boost to help them make it through the night, Champagne flavor Bang Energy will give your guests what they need. Bang Energy is a zero calorie, zero sugar, and zero carb energy drink with an impressive amount of caffeine. Why start up the coffee machine when you can stick with your theme?


To the person reading this, have an amazing party and stay safe this New Year’s Eve.


Cheers and Happy New Year!